I am a nature photographer based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. I have been taking pictures since I purchased my first camera with money earned from my paper route. 


I love looking at ordinary objects and seeing them differently. These photos stir an emotion in me (and hopefully you) about cherished memories or happy times. I am honored when someone connects with my photos and finds happiness and joy in them. 


I love capturing weather and the beauty it brings. My home in a snowstorm or a foggy morning are enticing.


We get so busy in life and fail to notice the common, ordinary things around us. There is beauty in the spring bulbs poking through the frozen ground, the early morning fog creating a mystic look to the nature trail or the snowstorm that creates a magical space. 


I aim to help you reconnect with those emotions and memories by capturing them with my photographs. I hope you find something that resonates with you and takes you away to a happier place.